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NetSuite Training & NetSuite Courses

At Wizard Systems, we understand the critical role NetSuite Training plays in maximising the value of your NetSuite investment. We work with our customers to develop a complete end-to-end NetSuite Training plan that achieves meaningful and specific deliverables for your organisation. This approach enables administrators, managers and end users to obtain the knowledge and skills needed - minimising training time, maximising solution capabilities, and increasing overall business value.

Formal NetSuite Training benefits your staff by...

  • Building confidence with NetSuite
  • Get up to speed quickly
  • Improving Accuracy and efficiency
  • Good work practices and consistency of NetSuite use with repetitive exercises
  • Learn the latest NetSuite tips and tricks to improve productivity

We provide a range of fully authorized NetSuite Training courses. We can also provide NetSuite Training tailored to your requirements, where you decide the topics you want us to cover. Training can be provided either on-site, over the Web, or at our fully equipped NetSuite Training Centre.

NetSuite as you know covers a broad range of functions, and we tend to deliver our training according to different roles, so the sales people get to know how NetSuite should be used in a sales environment, accounts staff get to know about all the financial capabilities and procedures and so on. Of course, the NetSuite training can be tailored to your requirements and based on what modules you have. E.g. NetSuite CRM has no ERP, NetSuite Small Business has limited CRM functionality.

Choose your role...



NetSuite Marketing Role Training

Campaign Management:
Track all online, offline, and direct campaigns. Using promotion codes to apply limited time pricing and referral offers, or simply to identify a particular campaign. Set up and track multi-tiered campaigns across various media and offers.

E-mail Campaign Management and Tracking:
Learn how to use NetSuite's campaign management tool which allows you to create HTML templates and e-mail groups, which can be based on purchase, support or payment histories. How to  view responses to campaigns within each unique customer record.

Advanced Customer Segmentation:
Create Target Groups and mine customer purchase, case, opportunity and transaction histories to create target groups, which can then be used to run up sell and cross-sell campaigns. Learn how to use The Advanced Expression Builder for creating complex criteria using search expressions of And, Or, and Not across any combination of fields.

Real-time ROI and Performance Management:
Find out how to report and track the launch of the a campaign through to the sale. Create ROI reports based on total purchases, performance reports reveal such key metrics as "click-throughs" and "unsubscribes."


Campaign Tracking By Item
Default Promotion Codes
Lead Conversion Reports
Real-time Marketing Dashboard
Online Lead Forms
Centralised Campaign Calendar
Customer Reference Program Tracking
Dynamic Content
Marketing Templates
Opt-in Preference Management



NetSuite Sales Role Training
Pipeline and Opportunity Management: Use the SFA Real-time Dashboard. Learn how to  assign leads by rules and territories. Find out how to track multiple leads within the same company separately, get insight into each contact, conversation and unique opportunity. Display all opportunities, quotes, orders and closed sales on your Dashboard. Learn how to add and view the projected amount and probability of sales also weighted amount for each of these transactions.
Order Management: Learn how to turn sales quotes into orders with just one click. Save time in the order management process and allow more time selling products and services.  
Forecasting: Enter and  view accurate forecasts on a monthly or quarterly basis. Learn how to use NetSuite to monitor actual closed sales, using aggregated reports across territories, teams and reselling channels.

Incentive Management: Learn about commission management and how to schedule multi-tiered commission structures based on billings or payments, parent roll up on class, department, and location, target commission factors, and period assignment.
Upsell Manager: Find out how to add more intelligence to the process of deciding which customers to target and what items to up sell to those customers.
No-Click E-mail Integration: Understand how NetSuite's break-through no-click email integration eliminates the tedious process of coordinating email communication between e-mail system and the CRM system.   
Team Quotas
Back-order Status Management
Customer Privileged Pricing
Saved Groups by Case, Transaction, Opportunity
Deal Notification Expiration
Real-time Credit Card Authorisation
HTML and Mail Merge Communications
Online Lead Capturing
Contract Management within Customer Record
List Import
Synchronisation with Outlook, and Palm OS devices
Sales Analytics
Word and Excel Integration



NetSuite Inventory Management Role

Customer and Volume Pricing: Learn how to use  NetSuite's inventory management rolls enabling  you to assign different prices for different types of customers, also assign different prices for wholesale, retail or online sales.

Multi-currency Pricing: Learn about NetSuite's multi-currency capabilities to let you set prices in each of the foreign currencies in which you trade., so that when you create orders or invoices for your foreign customers, NetSuite's inventory management software application will automatically select the correct currency and price, saving you valuable time.

Integrated Inventory: Learn how to define item Web characteristics, such as pricing, captions, images and more. See how to allow sales representatives and partners to have full views into inventory levels. Plus, orders from the Web, retail or sales organization, reflect in inventory levels.

Multi-location Inventory: How to manage inventory in multiple locations. As you enter purchase and sales transactions manage and choose the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill the order. Inventory reports allow you to view information about your total inventory on hand, or just the inventory level at a specific location.


Support for Serial Numbers
Inventory Profitability Analysis
Graphical Views of Inventory Levels
Lot Tracking and Bin Management
Matrix Items and Item Images
Multi-level Categories
Item Code Aliases, Profiling and Grouping
Warehouse Management
Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments
Stock Transfer



NetSuite Purchasing and Supplier Management Role  

Requisitions: Create purchase requisitions with an online form that eliminates paper-based forms and their associated errors. Learn how to allocate and route completed, requisitions for approval.

Purchase Orders: Learn how to create purchase orders from approved purchase requisitions. Use reorder points to generate purchase orders automatically.

Receiving and Payment: Learn how to manage received goods at your facility, log them into Netsuite as having matched the original purchase order. With receipt and purchase order matching, notify your accounts payable department that payment should be made to the provider.
Vendor Centre: Set up the Vendor Centre to provide access to information that is crucial to your vendor partnerships, including purchase orders, accounts payable data, and other key documents.  

Purchase Order Routing
Print or E-mail Purchase Orders
Partial Purchase Order Receipt
Drop Shipments
Back Order Tracking
Automatic Replenishment of Inventory



NetSuite “C” Level Role
(High Level Business Controllers such CEOs, Managing Directors and other Directors)

Dashboards: Learn to use and configure the  Real-time Dashboard, which integrates all critical business data across departments. Configure snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases and forecasts. With the Real-time Dashboard, you spend your time analysing and acting on crucial data—not gathering it. As a result, you can accelerate and improve your business decisions

Report Snapshots and Graphs : Configure report snapshots and graphs, you can identify key metrics, such as gross sales, top-selling products, top performing reps and teams, high-revenue customers and more. You also learn to graph this data on your executive Dashboard, tracking metrics over time and comparing them to previous periods.



Key Performance Indicators
KPI Meters
Saved Searches
Personalisation Features
The Customer Dashboard



Customer Support Role  
Case Management and Routing: Learn to manage and resolve customer support cases more easily by tracking all customer interactions. Configure NetSuite so that e-mails received from customers will automatically generate cases which can be routed by topic, region, or specialist. Find out how to escalate more complex cases for quicker resolution; such cases will appear on the support supervisor's Real-Time Dashboard automatically.

No-Click E-Mail Integration: Eliminate the tedious process of coordinating e-mail communication between e-mail system and the service and support system. Configure the  no-click e-mail integration which works seamlessly with popular e-mail systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail and America Online. E-mails received will automatically create and route cases.
Knowledge Management: Create a complete database of answers to frequently asked questions, so that  agents can respond faster to customer issues and provide them access to this information.

Customer Centre and Self-Service: Set up 24/7 access to customer’s complete history—and the status of purchases, payments and support issues so that customers can quickly retrieve information they need. The Customer Centre also allows them to make payments, submit issues, track shipments and search the online knowledge base.


Spell Check Editor
Case Escalation Business Rules
Inbound e-mail capture and intelligent routing
Case Assignment Notification
Sync with Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine and Palm OS devices
Document Management
Multi-channel Communication Tracking
Message Centre
Case Tracking by Product
Case Escalation
Saved Groups by Case, Transaction, Opportunity
Customer Reference Tracking
Time Tracking by Case
Support Analytics
Inventory Views
Contract Management within Customer Record
Word and Excel Integration
Service Analytics



NetSuite Administrator Role

Configuration and Setup: Learn about the Setup Tab to manage and administer the details of your NetSuite account. Setup your account by entering company information, enabling features and setting company preferences for processing, storing and accessing information.

Users, Roles, and Permissions: Understand the concept of Users and Roles, create custom roles, add new users, assign roles to that user and monitor an audit trail.

Data Transport: Look at and use the various methods to import data into NetSuite. Setup CSV files ready for import



Duplicate Detection and Merge
Order Management
Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
Customer Service and Support
Searching and Reporting
Mass Update
Simple Customisation